Le Saint Germain, Paris

October 30, 2018

Linda and I stayed at the newly renovated and reopened Hôtel Lutetia from September 28 to October 2, 2018. The Brasserie Lutetia, which will probably be superb, was not yet reopened, so the more informal Le Saint Germain was the main restaurant. Joëlle joined Linda and me there for dinner on September 30.

The hotel invited us to visit the kitchen before our meal where Executive Sous Chef Adel Mannai served us the house Taittinger Cuvée Lutetia – Extra Brut – 2008 and fresh hors d’œuvres. They were the tapas served in the big bar across the hall.

He also described some of the procedures in the kitchen.

The little gadget in the upper left that looks like a credit card printer coming out of the metal upper frame is used for the servers to tell the kitchen that it is time to fire up the next dishes for a table.

We were then seated at a table in the spacious dining room with a good view.

Having already had our apéritif and appetizers, we just ordered main courses. To go with them we chose a bottle of 2015 Volnay 1er Cru Les Chanlins – Henri et Gilles Buisson.


A round bread and flavored butter were put on the table.


Joëlle had
Écrasé de pommes de terre, noisette et livèche.

She thought that this combination of sea-bream with mashed potatoes, hazelnut and lovage was “perfect.”

Linda had
Agneau Filet rôti,
échalotes et caviar d’aubergines au citron d’Iran

Roasted lamb loin with shallots; eggplant caviar with black lemon. The flavor was very good and cooking was perfect.

I had
Entrecôte Angus
Sauce shiso et accompagnement au choix.

The generous serving of Angus beef ribeye was well-seared on the outside and just right on the inside.  Scattered on top were braised leeks and shiso shards.
My choice for the side dish was
Champignons des bois aux herbes

The sautéed mixed mushrooms with herbs were a classic with the steak.

The next day we returned for lunch.

I had a glass of Trentino – IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti Teroldego – Foradori – 2015.

We both had
Salade César – Romaine, parmesan et sauce César. 
Mine was
À la volaille jaune des Landes.

Although the format was unusual, with the romaine in a single piece, this had all the classic Caesar ingredients: croutons, anchovies, parmesan and a creamy dressing.  Linda’s was just that while mine had chicken chunks added. A good lunch. 

For a temporary, casual restaurant the cuisine was first rate. We look forward to returning to this storied hotel when its top restaurant is ready.






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