La Vinoteca Centro Storico, Serralunga d’Alba

December 4, 2018

On October 27, 2018, Linda and I were staying at La Corte Gondina in La Morra celebrating the upcoming fortieth birthday of Blair, my godson and second-cousin-once-removed. His wife Karyn and his sister Allison and her husband Brady, plus friends Tom and Lisa, comprised the next generation of our group.  They were very serious and knowledgeable about wine.

The other six having recovered from their previous day European arrival jet lag (except Tom, who had been in Piemonte for several days working on his wine business and completing the organization of our events) and from the festivities of the evening before, at 10:00 am we were lined up and ready to go for a tour and tasting at Azienda G. D. Vajra on top of the highest hill outside Barolo.

At the end of the tasting, Linda and I bought some of Vajra’s wine. We had driven up to the Piemonte in our Peugeot 406 which could take it back to our villa on the Côte d’Azur.

After a stop in the center of Barolo village with some more wine buying, we went on to Serralunga d’Alba, where we gathered for lunch at La Vinoteca Centro Storico. As its name implies, it is in the old center of Serralunga, next to the castle.

You can see my reflection taking the photo in the entrance door. The barrel on the right is full of corks, which are also in the cobblestones in front. 

Centro Storico is run by Alessio “Ciccio” Cighetti and his wife Stefania Saglietti, who does the cooking along with her mother.

It is evident on walking in that hand-sliced hams are important here.

Tom had arranged a square table for eight which almost filled the upstairs dining room.

Tom also had made Alessio aware that we like and know wine. Alessio enjoyed bantering with us in his good English and ordering for us, although there is a small menu.

We started with a bottle of 2009 Bagnadore Franciacorta Riserva. This dry sparkling wine is made without sugar dosage and is a great starter. Alessio has a big offering of sparkling wines, including Champagne.

Three bottles of Barolo followed during the lunch.

The starter dishes were put on the table and we served ourselves until the pastas, which we ordered individually.

Mixed salumi. The small dry ones were particularly good.

One of several plates of different superb hams, not all Italian; Spanish and Hungarian were included.

Anchovy stuffed sweet peppers.

Anchovies in green herb olive oil.

I had Tajarin al Ragù.

Some of the group could not have a meal without white truffles.

There were also excellent ravioli with butter and sage, but they were not near me and not very photogenic. We skipped dessert.

We had a very good time.  Centro Storico is a place for a party ambiance. After lunch the others went off to another wine tasting while Linda and I retreated to our hotel for a nap. We wined and dined that evening at Barolo Friends. We liked it, but it was too informal for me to organize a blogpost.   


2 Responses to “La Vinoteca Centro Storico, Serralunga d’Alba”

  1. Allison Ridder Johnstone Says:

    Wonderful description and wonderful day!

  2. Blair Ridder Says:

    I would add that many of the places in the region have a wine list and then they also have wine that is offered to a table if the time is right. Ciccio seemed to have a rather deep private list and loved to chat about wine and was more than willing to offer wines not on the list.

    A really nice way to spend an afternoon.

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