Le Domaine d’Auriac, Carcassonne

February 5, 2019

Linda and I spent the four nights of December 29, 2018, through January 1, 2019, at Le Domaine d’Auriac, south of Carcassonne. It is a Relais & Châteaux hotel with a Michelin starred restaurant.

We entertained four of our Niçois friends there the first evening. Giovanna, Enrico, Christiane and Jean were staying at the nearby old farmhouse of Jean’s family. We had our New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day meals there: foie gras, goose, woodcock, etc and good wines.

Linda waited in the cozy lounge of Le Domaine d’Auriac, for the guests to arrive.

A bottle of Champagne and hors d’œuvres were served there. Jean relaxed while we enjoyed them.

Then we went downstairs to the restaurant.

We made our food choices à la carte and ordered bottles of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from a grower south of Auriac.

The chardonnay was very good. The pinot less so.

The appetizers were cannelloni of basmati rice.


For the first course two of us had
L’anchois de chez Roque à Collioure en habits d’automne.

Anchovies were presented in several different ways.

And four of us had
L’œuf d’une poule bien élevée poché,
fin velouté de châtaignes, coulis de truffe Melanosporum.

A poached egg was presented on top of a slab of truffle purée. Three small roast potato pieces were set around it. A chestnut cream was poured around them creating a luscious autumnal dish.


For the main course two ordered
Saint-Jacques de Normandie snackées,
fregola sarda cuite comme un risotto au Parmigiano,
râpée de truffe Alba.

Four large scallops were seared and served on top of small pasta balls in a parmesan foam. White truffles were shaved on top.

One had
Colvert au poivre sauvage, rillette de cuisse au foie gras,
salsifis braisés, coing au café.

Slices of mallard breast were served with a mound of its thigh meat mixed with duck foie gras. They were garnished with quince and braised salsify.

And three of us had
Filet de bœuf race Aubrac poêlé,
millefeuille de blettes et queue de bœuf,
cèpes, oignons doux de Citou, jus de braisage.

Four thick slices were served from the loin of a steer from the central highlands of France. In back was a cake made with chard and oxtail. In between were cèpes (porcini) on a bed of sweet onion. Very good, but too much.

Desserts included
L’ananas « pain de sucre » caramélisé,
nectar de mangue, pointes de meringue et de crème au citron.

A pineapple cake was served with mango, meringue and lemon.

Le beau soufflé au Grand-Marnier, cocktail Auriac glacé.

The fresh, hot soufflé au Grand-Marnier was excellent The cone contained candied orange slices.


The meal was very enjoyable with preparations appropriate for the holiday season.


After our New Year’s Day woodcock lunch at the farmhouse, we said au revoir to our friends. We dined that evening at the bistro of our hotel, which serves as part of the clubhouse for the golf course. The dining room is dominated by  a big fireplace. Outside the glass doors to the left is a dining terrace overlooking a fairway.

Bread was on the table.

Our wine was 2016 Le P’tit Spencer.

This wine is more serious than it looks. It is a blend of Carignan, Syrah and Mourvèdre. Château Spencer la Pujade is situated in the Corbiéres wine area east of Carcassonne.

We both started with
Crème de champignons .

A good, thick mushroom soup. 

Linda had
L’entrecôte grillée au feu de bois,
frites maison et salade verte.

Her steak was grilled just in front of the hot wood fire. It was served with French fries and salad.

I had
Magret de canard grillé à la cheminée, frites maison.

The fat side of the duck breast was scored and grilled above the coals, taking on a nice charred flavor. The potatoes were fresh and hot, but too many. The brown sauce was without interest, but the duck did not need it. 

My dessert was
Parfait glacé aux marrons.

 The cold mound of chestnut cream was a good finish.

We certainly had a good time at Le Domaine d’Auriac. The staff was always cheerful and helpful. The ambiance was just right for the holidays. (The restaurants were full for New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day lunch while we were at the farmhouse.) 



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  1. That duck breast cooked on the grill looks amazing!

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