Hostellerie Etienne, Labastide d’Anjou

February 12, 2019

Castelnaudary, between Toulouse and Carcassonne in Southwest France, is the home of cassoulet. The Hostellerie Etienne is in the town of Labastide d’Anjou, twelve kilometers west of Castelnaudary. Jean, Christiane, Gio, Enrico, Linda and I went for lunch on December 30, 2018.

We entered through this gateway.

The building is somewhat rustic.

There are choices other than cassoulet, but I think there were few who did not choose it on this chilly Sunday during the end of year holidays.

The dining room was already packed when we arrived for our 1:00 reservation.

The chef is Eric Rousselot. His late father, Etienne, founded the restaurant in 1956.
The menu cover is somewhat imposing.

Linda helps Jean select the wine.

This wine is grown southwest of Carcassonne. It is an assemblage of Merlot, Cabernet and Malbec. Its strength and fruitiness went well with the cassoulet.

Bread was put on the table.

It was useful later on for mopping up the sauce.

A bowl of salad and one of cassoulet was put on the window end of the table and one of cassoulet at the open end.

Our bowl seemed somewhat crustier than the other.

This was my first serving of several.

On top you can see the local sausage. Underneath it and to the right is a confit duck leg. There are pieces of pork butt and duck fat. Allegedly, there is a secret ingredient. The method of preparation here is supposed to make it more digestible. As we went on, the meat changed from large pieces to shards, but the meaty flavor pervaded the beans. It was delicious. Finally satiated, I cleansed my palate with the crisp salad.

Gio and Linda enjoyed their lunch.

We ordered various desserts.
A pear tarte;

mousse au chocolat;

tarte tatin.

Coffee and Armagnac finished things off.

We did not have dinner that evening.

 Hostellerie Etienne was a perfect place to enjoy cassoulet. The ambiance was cheerful, as was the service.


One Response to “Hostellerie Etienne, Labastide d’Anjou”

  1. Rolf Soderlind Says:

    Sounds wonderful. Hostellerie Etienne is exactly where I would want to have lunch on a winter day in the French countryside..

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