Vaucluse, NYC 3

February 26, 2019

Linda and I returned to Vaucluse with Becky and Maggie on January 20, 2019.

We started with glasses of Roederer Champagne. There is a four-course prix-fixe offering, with choices from the whole à la carte menu. We made our selections and ordered a bottle of 2015 Domaine Tempier “Cuvée La Migoua” Bandol.

It was excellent with deep, complex flavors.

Becky took our photo.

Maggie started with
burgundy snails, roasted bone marrow, grilled sourdough, grenobloise.

The presentation of the snails on the marrow roasted in its large, split bone was impressive. Their seasoning with garlic and parsley was classic. 

Becky had
Salade de Crabe
jumbo lump crab, honeycrisp apples, elderflower gelée, trout roe.


Linda and I had
Foie Gras
seared foie gras, blueberry jam, toasted hazelnuts, duck jus, brioche

The thick foie gras slice was seared just enough to warm up its middle and was still juicy. It sat atop a toasted brioche round which absorbed its juices. The other garnishes were traditional and good. A nice start to our meal.

Becky’s pasta course was
acquerello carnaroli, maroilles, pear, hazelnut.

This risotto was made with a specially aged and processed rice from northern Italy. It was flavored with a strong cheese from northern France. 

Maggie and Linda had
rabbit & reblochon cheese ravioli with black truffle jus.

This was excellent. The rich rabbit glaze was enhanced by the truffle. The ravioli were to be savoured slowly.

My pasta course was
quill pasta, duck ragout, madeira, parmesan.

The ground duckmeat and tomato sauce was strongly flavored with garlic, which surprised me, but I enjoyed it once I got used to the idea.

Maggie’s main course was
Poulet Rôti
roasted organic chicken, creamy polenta, matsutake mushrooms, chestnut crepinette


Becky had
pan-sautéed trout, toasted almonds, haricots verts


Linda and I had
dry-aged rohan duck breast, quinoa, baby red beets, kumquat, duck jus

This hybrid breed of duck is exclusive to D’Artagnan. It has a lovely, mild gamy flavor.  It had red meat and crispy skin. But the portion was too large considering its richness and the richness of the grain, beet and kumquat garnish.  

For dessert Maggie and Becky chose
Eclair au Citron
basil, lemon curd, dulcey ice cream.


Linda’s dessert was
Pain d’ Épices et Poire
caramelized pear, chai crémeux, cranberry sorbet.

An excellent dessert, anchored by the spice bread and caramelized pear partnered by the sorbet and tea cream.  A fine, light-enough finish. 

Mine was
Tarte Tatin aux Pommes
northern spy apple, huckleberry, ginger ice cream.

The apples were nicely caramelized. The puff pastry underneath was light. he ginger ice cream was a perfect match.  

The mignardises were matcha macarons.

The cuisine was well prepared with good ingredients. The portions of the main courses were too large for a menu with four fairly rich courses. The service, pace, ambiance and noise level were all good.  Vaucluse will continue to be a standby restaurant for us.

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To see our meal at Vaucluse three years before click here



One Response to “Vaucluse, NYC 3”

  1. Becky Coyne Says:

    It was a lovely evening with the best company. Thank you so much!

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