Bistro Le 1903, Talloires 2

December 15, 2020

Linda and I returned to Bistro Le 1903 on October 13, 2020. It is the second restaurant of L’Auberge du Père Bise, in Talloires, on the Lake of Annecy in Savoy. We stayed there for the three nights of October 13, 14 and 15, 2020.

The hotel’s fine dining restaurant, where we would dine two evenings later, was closed as usual that evening, but the shared kitchen was active. The bistro’s dining room was busy with local folk, mostly young, obviously having a good time.

We began with glasses of Champagne.

 We were served two hors d’œuvres: a mushroom cake and a puréed beet mound with decorative garnishes that enhanced their interest.

We also ordered an appetizer to share:
Pormonier en croûte de la maison Jargot.

This local pork sausage baked in a pastry crust was very good.

We made our choices from the small, but varied, menu.
We ordered a bottle of 2016 Franck Balthazar “Cuvée Casimir Balthazar” Cornas.

Just right.

The basket of excellent, crusty fresh bread was put on the table.

Our first course was
Gratin de queues d’écrevisses “autrement” par Jean Sulpice

A gratin of crayfish in a crayfish butter or béchamel is a traditional dish of this region, where crayfish were abundant in its mountain streams. Margarite Bise was known for it here in the 1930’s. The dish was elevated to haute cuisine by famous chefs Fernand Point, Jacques Pic and Paul Bocuse. This version with heavy cream by Père Bise chef Jean Sulpice seemed appropriately a bit more rustic. Excellent.

Linda’s main course was
Poisson du lac en croûte et artichauts barigoule
pêcheur F.Capretti

The lakefish of the day was omble chevalier, a highly regarded local species similar to arctic char. Linda selected the dish due to its specialty; the crisped fish was very good.  Linda found the sauce too acidic and the vegetable combination with it dull.

Mine was
Pigeon cuit en croûte feuilletée,
fois gras et jus à la réglisse

Chunks of pigeon breast and foie gras had been cooked in a puff pastry crust. A confit thigh was alongside.. They were served with potato pieces on a licorice enhanced pigeon glaze. Excellent.

Linda’s dessert was
Millefeuille poire – fève de tonka

She found this millefeuille with pear and tonka bean crème patisserie to be excellent.

Mine was
Tarte Tatin aux noix, kumquats et glace café

The tarte tatin was the traditional upside down pie with caramelizd apples, plus a layer of walnuts, which are a major crop in the region.  The little bowl of coffee ice cream was topped with candied kumquat slices. Lovely.

This was an exceptionally good “bistro” meal. The service, pace and ambiance were all just right.


In the mornings we enjoyed the generous breakfast buffet of the hotel. Our table, and our room, had a lovely view of the lake.

The milky pain perdu on the right reminds the chef of his childhood breakfasts in Savoy and is served to everyone every day.

The array of cakes was impressive.

To see our meal at Bistro Le 1903 three years before click here.

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  1. Dr. Raymond KROMMENACKER Says:

    Michael, Next time call me.Geneva is only 42 km away! Would be nice to greet you and Linda, last time being at your Connecticut datcha !

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