Daniel, NYC 2

August 25, 2009

Daniel has been on all the lists of the top ten restaurants in New York since its opening in 1993. We had been last year and found it somewhat pompous and not up to its reputation.  Daniel closed last fall for much needed renovations of the décor and the menu. The reviews have been very good since then so Linda and I decided to try it on August 20, 2009. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniel, NYC

May 4, 2008

Daniel has two stars in the Michelin Guide. There are only three restaurants in New York rated above it with three stars. It is one of five restaurants receiving the top rating from the New York Times, although they have not reviewed it for seven years. It shares the top food rating with six others in Zagats. So one expects it to be quite special. Read the rest of this entry »